Lego Eric:The Anthroposophy Adventure is the upcoming video game who based on the new movie Eric The Anthroposophy of King and upcoming sequel


Play as Eric and his love girl Ann-Sophie and Anthroposophy King

Levels Edit

Eric and the Anthroposophy of KingEdit


  • Playable Characters: Theadol, Isemul
  • Enemies: Timmerman's Soldiers
  • Boss:Marie Timmerman
  • Minikit:Theadol Statue
  • Objects:
  • Locations:Ildamm,Munsö

Steamboat ApartmentEdit

  • Playable Characters: Eric,Ann-Sophie
  • Locations:Steamboat Apartment,Adelsö,Myrhem,Gothenburg

Meet Your MotherEdit

  • Playable Characters:Eric, Ann-Sophie, Anthroposophy of King
  • Enemies:
  • Minikit:Mei doll
  • Objects:
  • Locations:Road to the Mother,Högby farm

Kaggeholm AdventureEdit

  • Playable Characters: Eric, King of the Anthroposophy, Tina
  • Enemies:Mushrooms
  • Minikit:
  • Objects:

The New PathEdit

  • Playablae Characters: Eric (autumn), Carro
  • Enemies:Timmerman's Soldiers
  • Minikit:
  • Objects:

Journey to the WermlandEdit

  • Playable Characters:Eric (autumn),Thomas Fredriksson
  • Enemies:Highway Stealth
  • Minikit:Thomas' Car
  • Objects:
  • Locations:Sundbyberg,E18,

The Last Week of TermEdit

  • Playable Characters:Eric (winter), Martina
  • Enemies:
  • Minikit:
  • Objects:
  • Locations:Secret Cave

Eric and the Guardians of the MunicipalityEdit


  • Playable Characters:Eric,King of the Anthroposophy
  • Enemies:Nightmares
  • Minikit:
  • Objects:
  • Locations:Dream Dimension

Death of JosephineEdit

  • Playable Characters:Felix,Maharadja
  • Enemies:
  • Boss:Josephine Wade
  • Objects:
  • Locations:Lava dimension