Järna is the town as located by Sodertalje Municipality there Eric has lived on four-teen years such as Solberga in 10 years and Saltå By in 4 years in the his future will Eric moved back after few years until 2018
Järna,Södertäljes kommun


In Järna goes through highway E4 to Helsingborg and Jönköping. Ever Railway Västra stambanan passed by SJ-trains and station for only Commuter train



Solberga was the first village there Eric has goes ten years in school with his teacher Henry Quadfood .But he has lived Student house as Svalan with six years and Syrén with three years and last Blueberry with only year until 2008 there he ends

Salt RiverEdit

Salt River is a anthroposophy high school there Eric Fredriksson has goes four years with various teacher and four years in Birchmeadow


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A Third Village in the Järna antroposophy is Haganäs there Eric first visitor over the village should met Therese Karner (who she sick) he met Katharina Karlsson he met old friends such as Ronny and Ignacio fromSolberga and Jea and possibly Gustav from Saltå By and he meet new friend named Stefan