Eric and the Anthroposophy of King is a epic fantasy film from 2014 and directed by Bengt Knutsson and produced by Jonas Wennerlund and Sven Jon Sjöö .A film set around two years after the Battle of Salt River .It's a last film for Eric's father as main character


In the Year in the Second World War in Ildamm 1944 battling Theadol and Isemul the Small Demon in war and killed. In the year 1988 when a named boy anthroposophy Eric Fredriksson as three years before he born and Plush-Seller like My Neighbor Totoro and Star Wars fans. He running to the Bryggans Working group And walking with Michis.August 24 watching Eric a movie My Neighbor Totoro his private movie.In the October Journey to Wermland with his father Thomas within 4 days and later when Eric came back to his apartment one day later he is frustrated in Högbyfarm .In first november met Eric and his family Samuelsson/Wahl as Ebba & Josefin (cousin) in Gothenburg Party House. And passing the Lake of vättern but it's too dark. Second November watch Eric a movie My Neighbor Totoro again. And the next day goes Eric to working in Bryggan again and later Eric and his mother journey to Järna and his Mei doll





Video GameEdit

Eric and the Anthroposophy of King has ever a game Lego Eric:The Anthroposophy Adventures


Eric has planned a upcoming sequel film from 2016 named Untitled Eric Daily Workshop Sequel