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Eric Fredriksson is the main protagonist and doll collector as My Neighbor Totoro such as Totoro, Mei doll and also Little Einsteins. lives Steamboat appartment, but Eric will moving back to Järna in his future

e main protagonist and doll collector as Little Einsteins and My Neighbor Totoro.He is son of Thomas and Susanne and he has sister named Anna Fredriksson she has boyfriend David

Early LifeEdit

Eric was born 18 June 1991 on Södersjukhus in Stockholm

First YearEdit

Eric has start working on pier August 13 2012

Second YearEdit

First Year (anthroposophy)Edit

Eric has furnished to the anthroposophy apartment and drives with taxi to the DVD-house and watching My Neighbor Totoro in the Järna and later he sits on the apartment and narrated go the Pier Working Group

Last Year Edit