Eric's Apartment also known Eric's House is a home of Eric Fredriksson

Some attributes
First Eric Fredriksson
Second Apartment
Third 1991,1987 (imagined)
Other attributes


First ApartmentEdit

Eric was moving Steamboat in 1 November 2012 with two balcony help to by his mother and one of staff of Steamboat. When Eric sleep first night in his apartment.During the Work week on Pier Working Group usually he resting in bed to 12:50 or 13:00 every day.In 15 March got Eric a Mei doll from My Neighbor Totoro in his apartment

Second ApartmentEdit

In 29 June 2013 moving Eric second apartment there Mike livs formerly

First Years (Anthroposophy)Edit

Eric has returned to his apartment at the August 11,1988 When Eric watching The Art of My Neighbor Totoro and leaving apartment

Behind the ScenesEdit